[Is it allergic to eating potatoes]_Allergies_Potatoes_Sensitivity

  • 2020-05-16
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[Is it allergic to eating potatoes]_Allergies_Potatoes_Sensitivity

In life, some people will have allergies to potatoes. In fact, this is also possible, because everyone’s constitution is different, especially the potatoes that have not been cooked. They contain some substances that can easily cause allergiesAfter allergies.

1. It is recommended that the patient go to the hospital for an allergen check to see if there is still a certain substance that is allergic to the patient, and try to have less contact with it in later life.

At the onset of the disease, patients can take antihistamines orally, and the second generation (loratadine, cygengine) is preferred, which can relieve symptoms and illness.

Locally, it can be used as an antipruritic solution and calamine lotion to relieve itching.

2. If you are allergic to potatoes, avoid eating potatoes and touching potato products.

For treatment, you can choose desensitization therapy, that is, desensitization treatment by injecting potato preparations with different concentrations and doses to achieve the purpose of non-allergy to potatoes.

3. According to reports, the nutrients contained in vegetables, such as vitamins C and B, are easily damaged by processing and cooking, and eating raw is conducive to the preservation of nutritional ingredients.

However, not every vegetable is suitable for eating directly. Some vegetables are best cooked in boiling water and eaten; some vegetables must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.

Vegetables that can be eaten raw after being washed include carrots, white radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and Chinese cabbage hearts.

The best choice for raw vegetables is pollution-free green or organic vegetables.

Vegetables produced under soilless cultivation conditions can be safely eaten raw.

Methods for eating raw include homemade fresh vegetable juices, or cold-cooking fresh vegetables. You can add a little vinegar and less salt.